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The Board of Directors of City of Liverpool FC was formed in May 2015 and tasked with delivering the milestones required in order to achieve the club's goals;


Immediate Goal: Play at Step 6 of the National League System by August 2016 - ACHIEVED


Season 2016/17 Goal: Achieve promotion to Step 5 - ACHIEVED


Season 2017/18 Goal: Achieve promotion to Step 4.  - Finished 4th


Season 2018/19 Goal: Achieve Promotion to Step 4.  - ACHIEVED


Mid - Long Term Goal: Build our own stadium.


Board Composition (3 year Terms unless Resigning)


May 2015


Paul Manning, Peter Furmedge, Martin Jones (R) , Stuart Fitzgerald (R)


May 2016


Paul Manning, Peter Furmedge


July 2016


Paul Manning, Peter Furmedge, Peter Manning, Gary Johansen 


July 2017


Paul Manning, Peter Furmedge, Peter Manning, Gary Johansen (R), Cathy Long


Paul Manning, Peter Furmedge and Peter Manning were re-elected for further 3 year terms to run the club's operations for Season 2017/18 and beyond at the AGM held on 13/7/2017 and Cathy Long was also elected to the Board at that time.


Sarah Comber (R) co-opted as Chair of the Supporter's Council.


March 2019


Paul Manning, Peter Furmedge, Peter Manning, Cathy Long, Mike Caulfield, Paul McGrady.


Mike Caulfied has been co-opted onto the Board of Directors as of 1st July 2018 as Club Welfare Officer and Paul McGrady has been co-opted into the role of Supporter's Council Chairman.


In addition, a new permanent seat on the Board of Directors has been created to represent the excellent work of COLFC in the Community and has been taken up by Sean Lindblad with effect from July 2019.


Tony Zeverona has been co-opted onto the Board also with effect from July 2019.




Paul Manning

Chairman / Commercial Director


A Founding member of the club, Paul is an entrepreneur in the Claims Management industry and an FA Level One coach.


Chairman & Operations Director since May 2015, Paul is now also repsonsible for the Commercial operations of the club, including mechandise.


In addition, Paul is supporting project lead Peter Furmedge on our Stadium project.


Paul is 51 and is Married with 3 children and studying part time for a BSc Marketing.


Peter Furmedge

Finance Director / Deputy Chairman


A founding member, Peter is a social entrepreneur and has extensive experience of Trust owned football clubs via his work with  Supporters Direct.


Finance Director since May 2015, Peter is responsible for all financial matters within the club and is project lead on "The Way Home" - our search for our own home ground.


Peter is 53.



Peter Manning

Club Secretary 


Peter is a shipping agent and has been Club Secretary since June 2016 and is Married with 4 grown up children.


In his role as Club Secretary, Peter is responsible for all matchday administration.


He is 59

Cathy Long

Club Director 


Cathy stood for election at the AGM and was voted in.

With a wealth of experience at Premier League level, Cathy brings will be a strong addition to the Club's Directors.



Mike Caulfield

Chief Welfare Officer




Mike, who has been a member of the club since 2016, has always undertaken this role in an informal way on COLFC’s behalf.


Mike is an Advanced Practictioner in Mental Health for the NHS and has previously led the focus group that created the club’s Respect policy and has assisted club members who have needed support. 

Paul McGrady

Chairman of The Supporters Council


Paul was co-opted onto the main Board to temporarily fill this role, pending the next meeting of the Council, at which the role will be formally voted on by supporters.


Paul will take up his interim position with effect from 1st July 2018 - the start of Season 2018/19.


The Directors lead a large group of volunteers who each give thier time when possible to assist the club on a range of issues.


If you wish to help your club and get involved helping run The Purps then email contact@colfc.co.uk for more info. 

Programme Design & Production:

Sean Lindblad, Dave Marsh

Social Media:

Paul Manning

PURPS TV: Jason Morland
Fundraising: Gary Walthew
Volunteer Co-Ordinator: Mike Caulfield
Flok Information & Partisan List Vacant
Gatehouse: Howard Klarfield, Peter Furmedge, Paul Manning
Hospitality: Leanne Brady, Amanda Manning, Maria Manning
Merchandise: Sue Roberts
Stewards: Owen Manning, Peter Manning, Colin Wilcox, Lee Thwaite, Seana Thwaite, Gary Walthew, Howard Klarfeld, Ste Hesketh, Andy Lavin, John Lavin, Cosmin Mocan
Website: Paul Manning,Sean Lindblad
Graphic Design: Sean Lindblad, Dave Marsh
COLlotto: Andy Lavin, Lisa Lavin, Paul Manning
Programme & Golden Goal Sales: Colin Wilcox, Gary Walthew, Ste Hesketh
Statistician Bill Sheppard
Junior Volunteers: Ben Walthew, Tom Walthew, Patrick Manning, 

Oliver McGrady, Lucas McGrady, Caitlyn Myers,

Mollie Wilcox

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