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The Partisans List

Lets get this Flokking thing started again: June's mini update

With just one game played from a club now with 4 teams up and running for this coming season, some might thing its a bit premature to have a Partisan list on the go after just the one match.


Oh sod it, we're all desperate for this season to get going so here is June's rather compact Partisan List after the First (and only) game in June a 2-1 defeat for the Ressies in their first preseason friendly!

Partisan LIst June 2018:


1 - Peter Higham, Gary Johansen, Paul Manning, Paul Squires


Remember these lists are compiled solely either from scanning the Flok barcode with the app on your smartphone that is displayed at every Purps First Team, Reserves, Ladies and Youthgames, home and away, or from info emailed to email address.

The Flokking Details

To register onto the Partisans list for this coming season:

  • Firstly, download the Flok app from your app store, register and then search for City of Liverpool FC.
  •  At every match the club plays; 1st team, Reserves and the Ladies, home and away a QR Code poster will be displayed. 
  • Simply scan the code into the Flok app and your attendance will be automatically updated, making it even simpler to register your loyalty.


For anybody who does not have a smartphone, you can still email your attendance into the club after every game to, but remember the onus is on you to let us know you were there, if you don't update the list we can't do it for you! In you have any problems or questions just ask Paul S on the above email adress.

The poster you are looking out for is usually for home games on the inside of the clubhouse window next to the merchandise table but for away games check social media to see where it is located.

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