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Watching COLFC

Download & Print April Fixture Poster

Follow this link to download and print our April 2017 fixture Poster to display in pubs, clubs, cafes, shops, workplaces, canteens - everywhere in fact - to encourage people to come along to our games.

COLFC April Fixtures Poster
Download and print the April 2017 Fixture Poster and share it with your family, friends or work colleagues.
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Matchday Information

We play our home games at the Delta Taxis Stadium, Vesty Road, Bootle L30 1NY.


To view our fixture list click here


Travelling to DTS


The stadium is easily accessible from all parts of the Liverpool City Region in a car via the local Motorway network (M57 & M58, less than 5 minutes away) and Also Aintree Road, Dunningsbridge Road, Warbreck Moor, Southport Road & Bridle Road and there is ample parking on the industrial estate.


Aintree Merseyrail station is approximately a 10 minute walk away and is on the Northern Line.


Delta Taxis will drop you right outside the gates for approximately £8 from the city centre.


Arriva Buses operate the 15, 135 & 157 bus routes along Bridle Road.


Entrance to DTS


Adults £5

Concessions (65+, 16-17, Impaired) £3

Children Under 15 (accompanied by an Adult) FREE


Ground Regulations




COLFC informs supporters that the following ground regulations apply to our matchdays at Delta Taxis Stadium and ask all supporters to help us comply with the Ground Grading requirements at Step 6 of the FA's National League System, otherwise the club may face severe sanctions which may include Fines, Suspensions & Points Deductions:


- Child Protection - Due to the ongoing FA and criminal investigation into historic sexual abuse at football clubs, the FA has requested all clubs to update and maintain adequate child protection procedures. City of Liverpool FC does not have any junior or youth football teams and neither does either the Reserve or 1st Team have any U18's signed on as players. As a club that only began playing in July 2016 and which does not have Junior or Youth football teams, the recent FA focus on maintaining child protection procedures does not apply to us.


However, we as a club are extremely concerned about the issue as a whole, so we have put guidelines in place for when we as a club (officials, players & management) come into contact with children.


1. Mascots.

On occassion we allow children to act as mascots for the 1st team. At home games, the children MUST now be escorted at all times by a parent / guardian or coach when they enter the tunnel area, where they will be met by an official of COLFC who is CRB checked.


The Parent / Guardian / Coach and the COLFC official MUST remain in the presence of the children at all times in the corridor and tunnel area as the mascots are escorted out on to the pitch.


2. Children playing in and around DTS

We have a lot of children who upon entering the DTS run around and play on either the meadow behind the goal or in the 5 a side pitches. As a general rule, Children remain the responsiibility of the parent or guardian who has brought them into the stadium, but COLFC will now place a steward at the corner of the pitch adjacent to both the meadow and 5 a side pitches, whose role will be to ensure that children are not approached by any unfamiliar adult.


- Due to potential Medical Emegencies the Car Park at DTS will now be stewarded on a matchday.  We have to ensure that any emergency vehicle has unrestricted access to the Emergency entrance at the Stadium and to do that we must ensure that Club Officials, Players, Match Officials and Supporters do not block the pathway, so please don't be offended if you are directed to a parking spot.


This may have the natural effect of restricting the number of parking spaces for use at DTS and for this we apologise, but thankfully, there is ample parking all around the Industrial estate for supporters to use.


- The use of any Pyrotechnic is strictly prohibited, even harmless Smoke which is banned by the FA. Please do not bring any Smoke, Flare, Firework or Bomb to the DTS on matchday as you may be refused entry. Any person found to actually release one of these items will be asked to leave the stadium.


- Please DO NOT stand in the Yellow Hatched areas in front of both Seated Stands. Other spectators are sitting down for a variety of reasons and they are entitled to watch the entirety of the game without having to strain through people's backs, shoulders and heads to see. There is plenty of standing space all around DTS, so please do not stand here and please don't be offended if asked to move on by a steward or club official, who will be present in the areas concerned throughout the game.


- Please be aware that you may hear swear words at DTS both from other spectators, players and coaching staff and you may also see mildly violent confrontation on the pitch itself. We appreciate that this is not what some people deem appropriate behaviour and if you are offended by bad language or if perhaps you have young children with you, whom you naturally don't want exposed to swearing, then please make yourself known to a steward or club official and we will escort you to a quieter part of the ground.


However as a general rule, Foul and abusive language is prohibited at City of Liverpool games.


- Alcohol purchased from the bar at DTS is permitted in the football ground, but must always be placed in a plastic container. Please do not bring any form of glass container outside to the football ground.


- Please help us be good tenants at DTS by putting your empty glasses or food containers into one of the numerous bins dotted all around the stadium, saving our club volunteers from having to go around after the game and clean up after supporters.


- Please do not enter the field of play before, during or after the game, without the consent of a steward or club official. This is a criminal offence, but beyond that it exposes our club to fines from the Liverpool County FA, The FA &  the Hallmark Security League. for "failure to control our Supporters". We have already had a significant fine in this respect and do not want another.


Entering the field of play at an away ground not only exposes COLFC to a fine but also the host club as well for failing to control supporters at the ground. 


Any COLFC member or supporter who causes the club to be fined will be responsible for paying the fine personally. Our club cannot afford to be paying fines for gross stupidity.


- Dogs are allowed into DTS but must be kept on a leash at all times and muzzled if appropriate to the breed.


- Bicycles are allowed into DTS but NOT at all in the Main Stand area which extends from the Turnstyles all the way along to the end of the Partisan Terrace, adjacent to the left hand goalmouth and Players Tunnel. Please take your Bike to any other part of the ground.


- Please note that Items brought into DTS are done so at the owners risk and COLFC is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs, unless under the normal laws of tort.




Ground Gradings / Health & Safety

Following a grading visit from the Hallmark Security League Ground Grading Committee at our home match v Litherland Remyca, several issues have arisen, that, we as a club need to address in order to comply with FA Grading Criteria and Health and Safety.  We are aware that if we do not our membership of the Hallmark Security League is in jeopardy.


As a Football Club, we are required to affiliate to a County Football Association, in our case that is Liverpool County FA. This means we must be compliant with the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association. On joining the Hallmark Security League, a Club accepts the Rules and Decisions of the Competition, subject to the right of appeal to The Football Association, in our case, the League is a Member of the FA National League System, so we not only have League Rules to comply with, but also FA National Leagues System Regulations, FA Ground Grading Criteria and FA Ground Regulations plus of course Health and Safety.


National Ground Gradings

Every club in the National League System has to meet the FA National Ground Gradings Criteria for the level of football at which it participates. In our case the Delta Taxi Stadium, home of Bootle FC is required to be grade F, as Bootle play at Step 5 (Hallmark Security League Premier Division). Although City of Liverpool play at Step 6 (Hallmark Security League First Division) a ground can only have one grade.


Bootle FC are currently top of the Hallmark Security Premier Division (Step 5) and have applied for promotion to The Evostik League (Step 4). To be successful, not only have they to win the League, but also achieve Ground Grade E by 31st March in the current season.

As a tenant club, we also must abide by the FA Ground Grading Criteria and FA Ground Regulations. It has been made quite clear to us that to continue our Membership of the Hallmark Security League we need to address the following items.


As supporters will have seen, and will know, there are several areas of yellow hatched markings along the front of the Clubhouse side of the ground. The yellow hatch markings are there to ensure that people who choose to sit in the two stands have a clear view of the pitch (and this is a requirement for all stands at all grounds in the National League System). There is also a health and safety issue with blocking passageways.


To date we have stewarded directly in front of both stands only, but are in breach of the FA National Ground Grading Criteria. We HAVE to steward along the front of the Clubhouse side of the ground and starting with the Silsden game on 16th February, there can be NO STANDING AT ALL in the Yellow Hatched areas of the ground.


This is not a choice, we have to do this, so we ask all members and supporters of the club to PLEASE work with us on this issue. If you are asked to move along by a club steward, please do so – Our stewards will only be carrying out the requirements of the FA Ground Regulations & Ground Grading Criteria on behalf of the Club. They are also supporters as well, so please give them the respect they deserve.


We apologise to supporters who have become accustomed to watching matches from these areas, but it is clear we are in breach of the FA Ground Regulations & Grading Criteria


The Yellow Hatched areas are intermittent along the front of the clubhouse side of the ground from the Gatehouse to the Players Tunnel and the areas that will be most affected by this are:-

  • Directly in front of both Stands (we currently steward these areas).
  • Along the Perimeter Fence from the Gatehouse to the Main Stand.
  • The area between the end of the Main Stand and the beginning of the Executive Stand in front of the steps to the Clubhouse. A lot of fans congregate here no doubt due to the proximity of the Bar, but will now have to “step back” out of the Yellow Hatched Area towards the Clubhouse wall where there is a very limited area allowed for standing.
  • The Players Tunnel area (once the tunnel is retracted) between the end of the Executive Stand and the Shed Terrace.

Shortly, the Landlord club, Bootle FC will be re-painting these areas of hatched markings to In effect make the entire Clubhouse side of the ground up to the Players Tunnel “all-seater” only.


The Shed Terrace

There is still some debate about this Terrace which is currently not affected by the Yellow Hatched Areas, but people stood right at the front of the Shed not only obstruct the view of the seats in the Executive Stand, but also cause a health and safety issue by obstructing the walkway, so it is likely that the Shed will either:

  • Become a Yellow Hatched area from the Perimeter fence up to (but not including) the 2nd Step




  • We can manually lift the Shed and move it down towards the corner flag about 10 feet, where the view from the seated area will not be affected.

We will be liaising with Bootle FC on this issue and see what resolution we can bring about.



There are 3 sets of steps where supporters congregate currently in order to get a raised view of the football action, but these steps are all emergency exits and will have to be kept clear throughout the games. These steps are :


Clubhouse Doors

Clubroom Door 1

Clubroom Door 2


Again, we ask supporters to co-operate with our Stewards if asked to move, as they are only carrying out the requirements of Health and Safety, in that, all emergency exits have to remain clear.


Stands (Seating Areas)

There can be no standing in “The Stands (Seating Areas)” during a match. If you choose to enter either of the stands, you are required to sit down for the duration of the match, other than for movement to another area. If you wish to stand during the match, please use one of the standing areas.


Foul & Abusive Language

The Hallmark Security League is an FA Respect League and won the prestigious FA National Award last season, and as such the chanting or shouting of foul and abusive language is not acceptable, either by groups of people or individuals.


The League have made it clear to us that in the current climate of the FA’s own enquiry into historic child sex abuse issues in its Football Clubs, that this could become a Child Protection Issue, as we have so many children coming to our games.


Please do not shout foul and abusive language towards any of the players or staff of either team or the match officials. We know that a lot of this is meant in good humour, but humour is subjective and what some people find funny, others may be offended by. This is not the Premier League with a crowd of 40,000 people, where the players or officials are 100 feet away. These lads are part time players and officials and can be hurt or intimidated by abuse shouted at them from a matter of feet away.



At present, all of our club stewards are volunteers, as is everybody who works for the club, and it is not fair that these men and women who give up their time freely to help the club put on a matchday, by enforcing all of these regulations effectively put themselves into conflict with supporters.


Like everybody else, they just want to come and watch COLFC play football, and very simply there would be no COLFC games if it wasn’t for these volunteers.


The League Management Committee have stated that good Health & Safety as per the FA Stadium Safety in the National League System guidelines dictates, that we must have fully qualified stewards in place for all matches, whether these are our own trained up volunteers or an outside organisation who come in to do the matches for us, which would of course be very expensive for the club.


We are currently in the process of recruiting or training a Safety Officer who will have complete control over matchday safety & stewarding. Moving forward that person will decide what level of qualified stewards we will need on a per match basis to accompany our own volunteers.



Self-Policing is the way forward for the club as a whole. We are all in this together; Directors, Volunteers & Supporters. We all want the same thing, which is to come along and watch our football club win matches, have a good laugh with our family & friends, and in the process, respect our opponents and their supporters and to uphold the good name of the Hallmark Security League.


The Rules and Regulations are designed to allow all spectators to enjoy the games in a safe environment and is for the benefit of all clubs and their supporters.


We trust that all supporters will understand and comply with the above points.


Board of Directors: City of Liverpool F.C.

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