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The Partisans List

2017/18 End Of Season Partisan List

With the 2017/18 season all wrapped up we can finally bring you the End of Season Partisan List and we can officially announce the winner of the Purple Partisan Award. This honour is given to the fan who has attended the most Purps games and they will follow into the history books last years winner, Glyn Jones. For regular Flokkers it probably will come as no surprise who has taken this years prize, as he has lead the list for most of the season!


Congratulations to Mr Gary Johansen who attended a whopping 69 games in total this season. This is no mean feat considering there was only 62 First Team games, with 26 Ressies and 21 Ladies played and many of those took place at the same time as the First Team played.


Gary will be presented with his award at the Annual End of Season Purps Party on Friday 1st June but he’s not the only one who will get their Flokking reward that night. For all those who are on the Partisan List below will also be awarded their prizes for attaining either Platinum, Gold or Silver Partisan levels at the End of Season Party too. More information on this including confirmation of what the prizes are, will be announced shortly so keep an eye out!


As always - if you think your figure is wrong or that you should be included then just email Paul on with your details and he will sort any issues.

Platinum Members (50+ games)

69 - Gary Johansen
67 - Paul Manning
65 - Eric Brown
63 - Lee Thwaite, Graham May, Bill Johnston
61 - Peter Higham
60 - Daniel O'Hare
58 - Adam May
54 - Stephen Brown
53 - Bryan McManus
50 - Chris Logan, Bill Sheppard


Gold Members (25+ games)

46 - Peter Manning, John Lavin
44 - Adam Thornley

43 - Ian Cantlay, James Cantlay
39 - Andrew Lavin, Keith Murphy, Chris-Lee Davies
38 - Simon Roberts
36 - Paul McGrady, Sarah Comber, Nicky Brown
35 - Ryan Worrall, Tony Mutch, Ruth May, Peter Mason

34 - Joe Dainty, Emma Logan

33 - Danny Martin
32 - Michael Meadows, Matt Comber, Jamie Horner, Sam Pearson, Ian S Jennings, John Murphy
31 - Mark Yardley, Stuart Wilson, Sam Horner
30 - Liam Catling, Cosmin Mocan, Michael Gamble, Ross Flemington

29 - Gary Mellor, Paul Donnelly
28 - John Hopwood, Ian O’Leary
27 - Brian Campbell, Mike Caulfield, Liam Lavin, Norman Hartley
26 - Lee Myers, Ste Pickup, Graham Leatham, Paul McCabe,  Paul Martin, Ian Barton, Jay Hartley, John Joynt
25 - Ste Quinn, Chris Maguire

Silver Members (15+ games)


24 - Andy Hudson

23 - Ryan Mapstone, Mark Willis, Steven Ellis, David Jones, Jah Jussa, Kevin Lewis, Ronnie Mellor
22 - Daniel Hopwood, Tom Beamish, Brian Quinn, Tabitha Jussa, Ian Brocklehurst
21 - Mark Howard, John Joe Waring, Martin Jones, Colin Pierce, Liz Collingwood, Stephen Johnston, Ian Close, Nicky Monaghan
20 - Ste Martin, Keven Lee, Evie Mcdermott, Sean Cassidy, Claire Prince
19 - James Steen-O’Neill, Lee Brown, John Baker, Rhys Hunt, Mark Thomas
18 - Mark Malone, John McDermott, Belinda Cooke, Chris Frost, Julie McGrady, Gareth Webster, Annemarie Joyce
17 - Alex Duffin, Luca Munro, Brian Lankertis, Paul Ellis, Allison Makin, Matthew Spencer, Peter Frodsham

16 - Ian Pickstock, Sue Coombs, Lewis Brown, Ethan Donnelly, Michael Yip, Emma Hartley

15 - Jack Joynt, Dave Steen-O’Neill, Sean Quinn, Billy Cuddy

Remember these lists are compiled solely either from scanning the Flok barcode with the app on your smartphone that is displayed at every Purps First Team, Reserves and Ladies games, home and away, or from info emailed to the above email address.

The End Is Nigh... April's Flok Update

The end of the season is almost upon us and that means chances to climb the Partisan List and jump up a level are running out. April saw us pass the 3300 Floks for the season mark and also 11 Purps who have moved up a level and another 9 who made their debuts on the list!


With just 4 games left to Flok in at then Gary Johansen looks all set to top this years list and only needs to attend just 2 of those games to ensure he can’t be caught! It was Glyn Jones who won the Partisan Of The Year Award last season, will it be Gary who is this years winner?


The finalisation of the end of season Partisan List also means that you lucky Flokkers will get your hands on the rewards for becoming Platinum, Gold or Silver level members! Keep an eye out for an announcement on this shortly.


As always - if you think your figure is wrong or that you should be included then just email Paul on with your details and he will sort any issues.


Platinum Members (50+ games)

65 - Gary Johansen

63 - Paul Manning

61 - Eric Brown

59 - Peter Higham, Lee Thwaite, Graham May, Bill Johnston

56 - Daniel O'Hare

54 - Adam May

50 - Stephen Brown

Gold Members (25+ games)

49 - Bryan McManus

46 - Chris Logan, Bill Sheppard

43 - Peter Manning, John Lavin

40 - Adam Thornley, Ian Cantlay,  James Cantlay, 

36 - Andrew Lavin, Simon Roberts

35 - Keith Murphy, Chris-Lee Davies

34 - Ryan Worrall, Paul McGrady, Tony Mutch

33 - Sarah Comber, Joe Dainty, Nicky Brown,

32 - Danny Martin, Ruth May, Peter Mason, Emma Logan

31 - Mark Yardley, Michael Meadows

30 - Liam Catling, Jamie Horner, Ian S Jennings, John Murphy

29 - Matt Comber, Cosmin Mocan, Stuart Wilson, Michael Gamble, Ross Flemington, Sam Horner, Sam Pearson

28 - John Hopwood

27 - Ian O’Leary, Gary Mellor, Brian Campbell

26 - Lee Myers, Paul Donnelly

25 - John Joynt, Mike Caulfield, Ste Pickup, Ste Quinn, Graham Leatham, Paul Martin,Liam Lavin

Silver Members (15+ games)
24 - Ian Barton, Paul McCabe

23 - Ryan Mapstone, Chris Maguire, Norman Hartley

22 - Daniel Hopwood, Mark Willis, Andy Hudson, Jah Jussa,  Tom Beamish, Jay Hartley

21 - Mark Howard, John Joe Waring, Steven Ellis, David Jones, Brian Quinn, Tabitha Jussa, Kevin Lewis, Martin Jones, Ronnie Mellor

20 - Ste Martin, Liz Collingwood, Keven Lee, Evie Mcdermott, Ian Brocklehurst, Sean Cassidy, Nicky Monaghan

19 - Colin Pierce, Claire Prince, Stephen Johnston, Ian Close, James Steen-O’Neill

18 - Mark Malone, John McDermott, Belinda Cooke, Chris Frost, Julie McGrady, Mark Thomas

17 - Alex Duffin, John Baker, Rhys Hunt, Gareth Webster, Luca Munro

16 - Ian Pickstock, Brian Lankertis, Sue Coombs, Allison Makin, Lee Brown, Lewis Brown

15 - Jack Joynt, Dave Steen-O’Neill, Paul Ellis, Annemarie Joyce, Matthew Spencer

Remember these lists are compiled solely either from scanning the Flok barcode with the app on your smartphone that is displayed at every Purps First Team, Reserves and Ladies games, home and away, or from info emailed to the above email address.

The Flokking Details

To register onto the Partisans list for this coming season:

  • Firstly, download the Flok app from your app store, register and then search for City of Liverpool FC.
  •  At every match the club plays; 1st team, Reserves and the Ladies, home and away a QR Code poster will be displayed. 
  • Simply scan the code into the Flok app and your attendance will be automatically updated, making it even simpler to register your loyalty.


For anybody who does not have a smartphone, you can still email your attendance into the club after every game to, but remember the onus is on you to let us know you were there, if you don't update the list we can't do it for you! In you have any problems or questions just ask Paul S on the above email adress.

The Flokking Rewards Available:


  • Top Flokker (most games at end of season) - Partisan Of The Year Award
  • Platinum Flokkers (min 50 games) - An exclusive signed City Of Liverpool FC team photo
  • Gold Flokkers (min 25 games) - A City Of Liverpool FC Car Sticker
  • Silver Flokkers (min 15 games) - A Limited Edition Silver City Of Liverpool Club Badge

These will be made available after the last game of the season and details will be released nearer the time. 

The poster you are looking out for is usually for home games on the inside of the clubhouse window next to the merchandise table but for away games check social media to see where it is located.

March’s Massive Flok Update

You lot are like busses - you wait all season for a Platinum Flokker, and after the first turns up, we get another 8 straight after! After 8 first team games, and 5 Reserves and 3 Ladies team games, there were loads of changes in the Partisan List this month. As well as the 8 new Platinum Level Members, there is a whopping 17 new Gold and 20 new Silver members who make it onto the list! Congratulations!


As always - if you think your figure is wrong or that you should be included then just email Paul on with your details and he will sort any issues.


Platinum Members (50+ games)

59 - Gary Johansen

56 - Eric Brown, Paul Manning

52 - Peter Higham, Lee Thwaite, Bill Johnston, Graham May

51 - Daniel O'Hare,

50 -  Adam May

Gold Members (25+ games)

47 - Stephen Brown

45 - Bryan McManus

41 - Bill Sheppard

39 - Chris Logan

38 - Peter Manning
37 - John Lavin

35 - Ian Cantlay,  James Cantlay

34 - Adam Thornley

33 - Keith Murphy, Ryan Worrall

31 - Danny Martin, Simon Roberts

30 - Tony Mutch, Paul McGrady, Nicky Brown,

29 - John Hopwood, Liam Catling, Andrew Lavin, Joe Dainty, Mark Yardley, Ruth May, Ian S Jennings

28 - John Hopwood, Stuart Wilson, Sarah Comber, Peter Mason, Chris-Lee Davies

27 - Michael Meadows, Ian O’Leary, Sam Horner, Jamie Horner

26 - Lee Myers, Gary Mellor, Michael Gamble, Ross Flemington, John Murphy, Emma Logan

25 - Brian Campbell

Silver Members (15+ games)
24 - Matt Comber, Mike Caulfield, Cosmin Mocan, Ste Quinn, Graham Leatham,

23 - Ryan Mapstone, Ste Pickup, Paul Martin, Sam Pearson, John Joynt,

22 - Daniel Hopwood, Paul Donnelly, Paul McCabe,

21 - Mark Howard, John Joe Waring, Mark Willis, Ian Barton

20 - Ste Martin, Liz Collingwood, Chris Maguire, Keven Lee,

19 - Andy Hudson, Evie Mcdermott, David Jones, Steven Ellis, Ian Brocklehurst, Brian Quinn, Ronnie Mellor, Liam Lavin

18 - Mark Malone, John McDermott, Belinda Cooke, Colin Pierce, Jah Jussa, Kevin Lewis, Martin Jones, Tom Beamish,

17 - Alex Duffin, Claire Prince, Stephen Johnston, Tabitha Jussa, Chris Frost, Ian Close, Sean Cassidy,

16 - Ian Pickstock, John Baker, Luca Munro, Mark Thomas, Nicky Monaghan, Jay Hartley, Norman Hartley,

15 - James Steen-O’Neill, Brian Lankertis, Sue Coombs, Julie McGrady, Rhys Hunt.

Remember these lists are compiled solely either from scanning the Flok barcode with the app on your smartphone that is displayed at every Purps First Team, Reserves and Ladies games, home and away, or from info emailed to the above email address.

Partisan of the Month - April 2017 - Tony Butchard

Tony is a great fella, very well known to all who consistently goes out of his way to help other Partisans.


It is Tony who has printed out hundreds of our matchday Posters and not only gone around to pubs and cafes and got them put up, but has also distributed them to other supporters as well, to allow them to get them put up in pubs, shops and cafes.


Keep up the good work Tony and make sure you're back to the matches soon!

Partisan of the Month - March 2017 - Maureen Gallagher

Maureen and her friends Clare and Brenda form part of the Roby Rabble, who not only frquently feed the Partisans on long coach journeys to away grounds, but this month also took care of young Megan Ryan at the Silsden away game, when she became unwell.


Well done Maureen! 


Maureen is pictured here (third from left) with some more of the Roby Rabble at Silsden away.

Partisan of the Month - February 2017 - Sean Lindblad

Our Partisan of the Month is Sean Lindblad for his amazing flag and also his great work on the Purple Brigade "Football for All" Programme.


Well Done Sean!

After Widnes SF

Glynn Jones 51
Paul Manning   49
Gary Johansen   46
Mr Comozzi   44
Mrs Comozzi   44
Billy Johnston 44
Peter Furmedge   43
Peter Manning   43
John Murphy 42
Ian O'Leary   41
Jack Hudson   40
Andy Hudson   39
Brian Lankertis 38
Gareth Webster    37
Peter Knowles 37
Lee Thwaite   39
Martin Stewart 35
John Garner   35
Stuart Wilson   35
Lee Myers   34
Caitlin Myers   34
Peter Higham   37
Gary Mc 32
Gary Walthew 32
Stan Furmedge   32
Colin Wilcox 33
Ste Quinn 31
Mark Malone 32
John Joynt 32
Ben Walthew   32
Jeff Hoare   32
Tom Walthew   32
Jay McKenna   31
Elliot Conway   32
Eric Brown   32
Jay McKenna   32
John Morland snr 32
Martin Jones 31
Stephen Johnston   31
Phil Green   30
David Roberts   29
Bill Sheppard   30
Danny O'Hare   28
Gerry Shields   28
Linda Myers   27
Stephen Martin    28
Joe Bennett 28
Jason Morland   28
Ken Ryan   27
Phil Costello   27
John Joe Waring   28
Patrick Manning   25
Stephen Sweeney   26
Greg Heynes 27
Ian Sefton  26
Megan Ryan   26
Bryan McManus   25
Stephen Brown   25
Cosmin Mocan 35
Peter McCabe   25
Tony Butchard   25
Mia Malone 25
Ian Pickstock   23
Liam Lavin 34
Conor Morland   24
John O'Hare   23
Chris Maguire 22
Paul Squires 23
Paul Makin   23
Andrew Pendleton   22
Steven Hoare   22
Keiran Andrew   23
John McDermott 23
Travis McDermott 23
Kevin Fitzsimmons   22
Luke Perry   22
Daniel Martin   21
Andy Lavin   35
Ian Sefton    21
Jack Moore   20
Emma Haynes-Heynes 21
Paul Andrew   20
Ian Jennings   21
Enda Guerin   19
Will Jones   20
Michael Meadows    19
Finney   19
Kevin Morland 18
John Russell 18
John Worthy   18
John Baker   18
Dave Marsh   18
Jamie George 17
Alana Pickstock   17
Sean Lindblad   18
Liam Muscart   17
Robbie Muscart   17
Aaron Pickstock   16
Daniel Webster   16
John Hopwood   16
Glen Monaghan   16
Dean Mannion   15
Brian Campbell 15
Phil Kelly   15
Daniel Hopwood   15
Paul Philbin    15
Tom Joynt   15
Matty Lankertis  15
Leon Delamere   15
Graham Leatham   15
Dave McLay   15
Kevin Short   15
Paddy Dalton   15
John Morland jnr   15
Ian Daley   14
Olivia Manning 14
John Lavin   30
Mike Caulfied   14
Wendy Stewart   13
Tony Caveney 13
Simon Roberts   13
Geoff Hughes   13
Carl Hughes   18
Jack Sweeney   13
Amanda Manning 13
Jay Short   13
Si Jones   13
Neal Worrall   13
Jimmy Shields   13
Craig Jackson   12
Upal Normag   12
Grant Webster   12
Andrew Wilson   12
Liz Collingwood   12
Chris Logan   12
Emma Logan   12
Phil Belger   12
Moe Bell   12
Adam Stretch 11
Thomas Keiner 11
Andrew Baker   11
Paul Shallcross   14
Gary Ferrington   11
Tom O'Hare   10
Bryan McManus   25
Mark Dillon    9
Shell Mocan 9
Charlie Mocan   9
Daniel Kelly   9
Eidi Marsh   9
Ste Smith   9
Kevin Padden   8
David Green  8
David Evans   8
Findlay Wilson   8
David Jones 15
Mike Swift   8
Sarah Mitchell   8
Kevin Darracott   8
Ethan Darracott   8
Bernie Hughes   8
Lee Pringle   8
Janet Garner   8
Kirsty Garner   8
Evon Garner   8
Frankie Garner   8
Fran Stanton   8
Tom Ashcroft   8
Ste Martin snr   8
John Colfar   7
Darren Harrison   9
Steve McBride   7
James Fry   7
Jimmy Rigby    7
Thomas Webster   7
Alan Sharp   7
Jimmy Brit   7
Tage Herstad   7
Leanne Brady   7
Graham Smith   7
Brendan Wyatt   6
John Jack Evans   6
Darren Miller   6
Max Evans   6
Lloyd Dobson   6
Andrew Thomas   6
Henry Devon   6
Jules Parks   6
Joanne Ellis   6
Daniel Macadie   6
Sam Pearson   6
Cliff Whittingham   6
Daniel O'Neill   6
Chris Tully   6
Carter Wilson   6
Josh Mason   6
Conor Guerin   6
Alan Midgley   6
Thomas Stanton   6
Simon Wallace   6
Cris Frost   6
Tom Frankland-Leatham   7
Neil Dixon   6
John Squires   6
Belinda Cooke   9
Leo Frankland-Leatham   7
Steven Ellis   8
Janet Cuddy   5
Adam McHale-Bell   5
Ste McDermott   5
Jordan Clarke   4
Daz McDermott   5
Phil Gregs   5
Peter Hooton   6
Kelsea Conway   9
Stirling Johnstone   5
Colin Pryor   7
Alan Southern    5
Paul McNally   5
William Cuddy   5
Robbie Spear   5
Joseph Dixon   5
Daniel Smith   5
Joey Dunn   5
John Milburn   5
Tony Reed   4
Louisa Jones   4
Jack McCabe   4
Paul Ellis   4
Maureen Gallagher   4
Clare Prince   4
Brenda Fenlon   4
Dominic O'Connor   4
Dan Wakefield   6
Scott Hughes   4
Scott Rogers   4
Ste Evans   4
Dylan Evans   4
Liam Wilson   4
Joe Dainty   4
Martin Murphy    4
Daniel Murphy   4
Peter Schriewersmann   4
John Campbell   4
Logan Campbell   4
Francis Davies   4
Beth Malone   4
Joel Devine   4
Stephen Monoghan   4
Amelia Mannion    4
Lisa Muscart   4
Helen Squires   4
Lydia Muscart    4
Liam Catling   4
Drew Bennett   4
Alan Ashworth   4
Gary Shaw   8
Cathy Long   5
Stephen Hopkins   4
Kimberlee Jones   4
Shaun Dowling   4
Stephen Clarke   4
Tony Mutch   8
Kevin Connolly   4
Peter Bond   4
Darren Harrison   3
Ben Hudson   3
Dan Spear   3
Andy Doyle   3
Tony Moore   3
Raymond Limb   3
Ian Wilson   3
Alex Wilson   3
Dean O'Neill   3
Phil Rowan   3
Eleanor Whitley   3
Daniel Whitley   3
Sean Perry   3
Tim Hawkins   3
Vicky Costello   3
Lisa Lavin   3
Mick O'Neill    3
Tom Summers   3
Neil Summers   3
Ryan McCartney   3
Phil Greggs   3
Keith Jones   3
John Mackin   3
Ruben Edwards   3
Eddie Martin   3
Thomas Clarke   2
Peggy Marsh   2
Caitlin Dalton   2
Alex Sutton   2
Vinny Maguire   2
Ronnie Dewhurst   2
Tony Ellis   2
Aaron Burton   2
Sean Martin   2
Andrew Maloney   2
Tony Maloney   2
Felicity Maloney   2
Luke Sutton   2
Sam O'Leary   2
Kevin O'Leary   2
Nicola Green    2
Shaun Perry   2
Mark Baldwick   2
Mark Philbin   2
Jay Edwards   2
Charlie Bell   2
Lilah Rose-Bell   2
Mick O'Neill   2
Paul McCartney   2
Lynn O'Leary   2
Jess Lavin   2
George Sadler   2
Thomas Carberry   2
Scott Kearns   2
Ryan Worrall   2
Megan Worrall   2
Sean Davies   2
Sofia Frost   2
Sam Higgins   2
Ste Windle   2
Ryan Mapstone   2
Nathan Mapstone   2
Danny Conway   2
Wayne Jones   2
John Rush   2
Rob Jones   2
Lee Jones   2
Madison Jones   2
Peter Mason   3
Terry Lally   3
Terry Lally jnr   3
Ellie Lally   3
Mark Willis   2
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